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3D Virtual Tours Flow

3D scanning and virtual tours are latest technology being used in Ireland to showcase you real estate or business. Visual Media team is proud to bring this technology to Ireland and supply Irish business and individual with these very sought after and high end services.

What is 3D scanning and virtual tours?

You might be familiar with old fashion 360 panorama images where you can look around from one point of view and move to other linked panorama photo. The 3D scanning is new technology which is using infrared cameras and complex algorithms to scan the surrounding area and stitch to virtual 3D module. After such a complex scan the virtual dollhouse is created of the whole building together with high resolution virtual tours. Clients can freely move in the area while looking around. The main difference between 3D and panorama scanning is the “real feel” of the area, accuracy and delivery time. Infrared cameras captures exact size of the objects and distances to them. From 3D scans client can extract floor plans with measurements, floor area, wall area etc. By using VR headset client can open the virtual tour and walk through the property and feel exactly as they would be there.

3D Matterport Tour Before3D Matterport Tour After

How virtual tours can be shared?

This is the beauty of our technology. Same as sharing youtube videos you can easily share the virtual tours and embed them in to web sites. All you need is to paste the embed code and the virtual tour will appear on your web site just as this example:

Alternatively you can share the direct link to the virtual tour. The virtual tours can be set as private so you can only share the tours to the selected audience.

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