Photography & Virtual Tour Service

350.00 (ex. 23% VAT)

This is all you need to bring any property or market commercial business. Professional photography and best in class 3D virtual tour from our Matterport Pro2 & Pro3 cameras. See HERE what’s included in more detail.

  • High resolution full frame camera images
  • Specific real estate camera lenses such as tilt/shift lenses to show professional composition
  • RAW bracketed photos (high detail in shadows and highlights)
  • Window pull techniques (see everything inside and outside without overexposed windows)
  • Actual world color grading to match real colors of the property
  • Photoshop retouching of imperfections of the property
  • Guaranteed blue skies (we replace sky on every outside photo to make it sunny, warm and welcoming)
  • Latest Matterport infrared & laser cameras (Pro2 & Pro3)
  • Branded user interface with your company logo, website and contact details
  • Interactive property location map (on embedded google maps)
  • All photos from photoshoot embedded to the virtual tour gallery
  • Embedded floor plans (if ordered)
  • Embedded property promotional video (if ordered)
  • Interactive dollhouse view with room names
  • Floorplan view with room names
  • Automated walkthrough of whole house
  • Measuring tool – measure anything within the tour
  • Interactive hotspots (for notes, links, images, videos etc.)