Photography Services

At Visual Media Group Ireland we specialize in architectural, product and lifestyle photography. Anyone who is delivering quality properties or products to the market needs professional photography with professional Photoshop retouching. Look no further, we have you covered!

Residential Property Photography

This can be split into two categories: quick and simple professional photography, and advanced photography with multiple exposures, additional lighting, windows pulls (to prevent overexposure of outside views), and more.

Commercial Property Photography

Commercial photography is very different. Here, you need to showcase the space and the value of the investment rather than artistic interior details. Drones are a must, and we are licensed drone operators in Ireland and the EU.

Commercial Retail Photography

We deliver high-quality retail photography to help your business attract more clients and sell more products. Our photography can be used either for your website or social media.

E-commerce Photography

Do you have an e-commerce online shop or do you just need high-quality photos for your brochure? We have an in-house studio where we deliver high-quality product photography with professional Photoshop retouching. Additionally, we can provide enhanced photoshop retouching for your products – see the next topic.

Photoshop Product Enhancements

Sometimes, in-studio delivery is impossible without advanced Photoshop work! Here, we bring our expertise to deliver stunning Photoshop-enhanced product and lifestyle photos. Your imagination is the only limit to our skills. If you have specific requirements, drop us a line and we will come back to you with proposals.

Food Photography

No restaurant or bar can survive without professional food and drink photography. These days, social media is a must for any business, and professional photos of food and drinks act like magnets to attract customers to visit your business and taste the culinary masterpieces of your chefs or bartenders!

Lifestyle Product Photography

It’s nice to have your products on a clean e-commerce background, but to attract even more attention, you must have lifestyle product photography. This brings products to life and radiates the intended feel of it!

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