At VMG, we use the latest infrared and laser cameras from Matterport to deliver the best-in-class 3D experience, complete with depth data and an accurate representation of reality, not the 2D panoramas produced with 360 cameras. We scan the environment every 1 to 10 meters (depending on the property) using laser technology to build accurate 3D point cloud data, which is covered by high dynamic range photography from the same camera. This allows us to present the property without any distortions and with true-to-size images.

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Cross Platform Support

Our virtual tours can be shared with anyone and viewed on any device. We take care of the cloud hosting and can guarantee 100% uptime regardless of the amount of traffic.


Dollhouse Views


The Matterport Dollhouse View provides a photorealistic 3D floor plan perspective that is fully interactive. More than 2D photos, which present a single view, Dollhouse Views provide a 3D perspective to help people visualise room flow and the spatial relationship between spaces — and provide a way to navigate quickly to any space of interest.

Zoom out and see a 3D digital twin of your property from the outside, and rotate it along any axis to see it from any perspective. The Dollhouse View provides a clearer sense of space and size that can’t be matched by 2D photos and videos alone. The best part is that you can click anywhere within the dollhouse, and you’ll be flown to that exact spot in the virtual tour walk-through mode.

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Hotspots, also known as Mattertags, are pop-up windows within your 3D models that enhance the digital twin experience by providing additional information on features. A great way to highlight points of interest in your property tour, Mattertags allow you to embed notes, links, PDF documents, videos, and even e-commerce workflows directly into your 3D model.

You can highlight interesting features, document repairs, label equipment, add photos, and provide training information. Mattertags are attached to objects within the 3D model, allowing them to display the Mattertag from any vantage point.




We simplify the discovery of key virtual tour locations through automated guided tours. Whether you want to guide contractors through repairs on a construction site or promote key features of a property for sale or rent, we have you covered. Virtual tour users don’t need to learn how to access the dollhouse view, floor plan view or custom 360 views. We custom pre-program the natural flow of your virtual tour to highlight all the best aspects and features. You can even have it set to loop and display on a monitor or TV for promotion.




Accurately measure anything within your 3D model — from room sizes and doorways to elements in the space itself. Using Measurement Mode, you can save time by eliminating multiple visits to the physical site.

This feature is provided in all our virtual tours. You can open any 3D model and measure any element within the space on any device. Check if furniture or equipment will fit in a particular spot, or even if it will fit through doors, from your desktop or smartphone. Measurement Mode is a valuable tool for sharing information and unlocking the potential for smarter space planning, utilization, and collaboration.




Get 4K print-ready photos from your model instantly or extract 360 high-quality panorama from any point in the virtual tour for marketing. We will generate amazing 4K images from any view you wish from your virtual tour. An extra bonus feature is 360 photos. You can extract any scan point as a 360 degree photo and upload it to social media to be recognized as a panoramic photo, where your clients can look around as if they were there!

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Protect the privacy and identity of people who may appear in your virtual tours. We automatically blur their faces upon your request!

Custom blur is enabled by a machine learning algorithm during the post-processing stage of our virtual tours. Designed to blur only human faces, automatic face blurring is an extra level of protection which finds and blurs all the faces automatically. Upon your request, we can also do custom blurring of other features such as car registration plates, sensitive information in the offices, etc.

Please note, our Matterport virtual tours are true representations of reality and we do not remove property imperfections to maintain your clients’ trust and avoid unexpected surprises.




The Matterport BIM file offers a single source of truth. After capturing with our precise Matterport Pro3 laser camera, we convert the virtual tour to BIM files so you can design, manage, and build within Autodesk or your BIM application of choice.

With Matterport, BIM files are generated at a fraction of the conventional cost of surveying and as-built documentation. Your team can focus on securing more jobs instead of being stalled by documenting site survey notes.

Matterport BIM files provide precise 3D as-builts for any space. Now, architects, designers, and building engineers can reflect the current state of any building with BIM more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively than ever before. Along with the Matterport BIM files, we also offer Matterport Revit Plugin, a workflow automation plugin that directly integrates with Autodesk® Revit.




The Matterport E57 file contains a high-density point cloud for all scan locations in the Matterport space. It contains point cloud, pano images, and metadata from each scan location. The file format, .E57, is a compact, vendor-neutral point cloud format that’s defined by the ASTM E2807 standard.

The E57 file is for architects, MEP engineers, general contractors, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, BIM managers, VDC managers, and other construction professionals who need a higher density point cloud than the MatterPak .XYZ point cloud file provides to complete complex workflows.

You can import the E57 3D point cloud data into 3D, architecture, engineering, and design applications, including easily importing point clouds to Autodesk Revit® using the Matterport for Revit® Plug-in.

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A game-changer for teamwork and efficiency, Matterport Notes keeps you connected with an integrated workflow for project planning and discussion of spaces. This easy-to-use commenting tool makes teamwork and file sharing fast and convenient. Reviewers can start conversations, add @mentions, hashtags, deep-linking, and attachments directly in their Matterport spaces.

Do all of your work in one place with full spatial context. Invite collaborators within your organization, share attachments, ask questions, and assign tasks.

Anyone with edit access to your space can view, create, and comment on Matterport Notes in real-time. Notes enables you to track progress and get notified when files have been opened or comments added. You can even send reminders, update deadlines, or close workflows.

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Schematic Floor Plans are professional black-and-white floor plans. Accurate to within 2% of reality, Matterport Schematic Floor Plans are a 2D representation of your property— complete with room measurements and illustrations of property features.

Matterport’s Schematic Floor Plans can save you time, money, and hassle. Simply order your Schematic Floor Plan with us and a ready-to-use floor plan will be available as a PNG, PDF, and SVG file within 2 business days. You can choose to have the floor plan and total floor area size in imperial, metric or both formats. This is great way to save time measuring each room and ordering custom floor plans from third parties.




A first-of-its-kind service, the Matterport TruePlan™ add-on generates SKX files in both floor plan and 3D views from Matterport models that can be easily imported into Xactimate™ software.

Restoration contractors and insurance adjusters no longer need to manually measure and sketch to estimate repair and rebuilding costs. Our turnkey TruePlan add-on service delivers an accurate Xactimate-compatible file (.SKX) within 2 business days after you place your order with Matterport.

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Put your business on the map by publishing your Matterport 3D tour on Google Street View (GSV).

Publishing a Matterport model to GSV enables you to provide an inside look into your business and invite customers to learn more. Listings with media rich content, such as GSV, rank higher in search results, and once found, generate more interest and engagement. According to Google:

  • When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time
  • Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest
  • On average, 41% of place searches result in an on-site visit
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