We love video production, editing and color grading – you can see that in our work. We produce videos ranging from simple real estate promotions to complex multi-camera recordings with audio and lighting.

Our arsenal consist of 4K and 8K cameras from the cine range with high dynamic range, electronically stabilized gimbal systems, fluid heads, programmable sliders, jibs and electronic focus/zoom systems. Most importantly, we have the skills to use all of those.

Bars/Restaurants Videos

Capture the best moments to represent your bar or restaurant’s atmosphere and invite even more visitors! We will blend in with your customers to capture the unspoiled energy and create warm and inviting video for your business.

Instagram Reels and Videos

These days, social media videos are not optional but mandatory. Business Instagram reels, stories and videos are a must-have, and we deliver high-quality videos for high-quality brands and companies.

Drinks/Food Videos

Do you know the feeling when you want to taste the product after watching a video of it? We create videos that elicit that very feeling. Take a look at our sample video for The Temple Bar cocktail promo.

Showroom Promo Videos

As a business owner, you invest huge effort and money in designing your showrooms to be as attractive as possible for your customers. We create showroom promotional videos to represent your brand, showroom items, and categories. These videos are great for your website and social media

Business Promotional Videos

We tell the story of your business. Most clients only see your final product and don’t see the people or technology behind it. We create business promotional videos to showcase exactly that – your processes, technology, and scale – to impress and attract customers!

Residential Real Estate Videos

Residential real estate videos are a completely separate branch of video production. Videographers need to know how to shoot real estate using architectural photography principles, which are then transferred to moving video using specialized real estate lenses, gimbal techniques, and editing skills.

Occupied Commercial Real Estate Videos

Its hard to sell a building when it’s not vacant and you have no access to it. We have a proven strategy to create promotional non-vacant commercial real estate videos. We use drones with overlay motion tracking graphics, together with custom-created 3D floor plans, to create short and very informative videos.

Commercial Real Estate Videos

Commercial real estate investors look for 3 things: location, location and location. All our commercial videos strongly highlight this with drone aerial footage and animated maps. With a corporate look, on-screen overlay graphics, and statistics, we deliver the full package to impress your customers.

Matterport Videos

Don’t have the budget for expensive video production? No problem. We can convert our Matterport virtual tours into videos. As a particular example, we virtually staged an empty office and recorded a video of it.

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